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    West coast usa vacations

    Zion Canyon National Park
    Monument Valley
    Bryce Canyon National Park
    Antelope Canyon
    Horseshoe Bend
    Grand Canyon

    What do you all will like to say about these great attractions of West Coast? Do you want to see them in summer vacations?

    What are your plans about travelling the west coast of america?


    • andrea! This will be so nice and fun-filled experience for you to take the trip of all these places. I will also go-ahead for the trip of summer vacations in which I will explore these places for having fun.

    • Its my best and would like to say that just go ahead and make memories. This is so stunning for you to make happy moments and enjoy the time. Wish you good luck for this.

    • andrea! Yeah, I will visit these attractions in the west coast region. But this month, I will visit the east coast region and after this, I will visit this region also. I gonna say that I must add all of these places in my cart and will visit it.

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