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    Places in Cuernavaca

    Parque Alameda
    Balneario Ojo de Agua
    Zócalo de Cuernavaca
    Robert Brady Museum
    Chapultepec Ecological Park
    Juan Soriano Museum
    I will visit these places in Cuernavaca and damn sure this will be such a nice kind of experience for me. I am damn sure this will be such a nice trip for me. Guys, what are your opinions about these sights?

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    • Briella, I am going to say that you have listed up really awesome names of the places here which are best to visit in Cuernavaca to have a good time. Say something about the things to try at Chapultepec Ecological Park? I am keen to know.

    • The Chapultepec Ecological Park is a wonderful state park to visit for travelers. It is a waterfall and a reptile house there which is best for enjoying the lovely time there with family members. This park is beautiful for enjoying having fun.

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