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  • Will see Philly landmarks

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    As will free from day trips from nyc love to go for Philly. Would like to see all the important landmarks with mates and hope it will be a smart choice to go for. If you have any suggestion for me then can share frankly here. I am keen to read and love to go for it.


    • Liberty Bell
      Philadelphia Museum of Art
      Independence National Historical Park
      Philadelphia Zoo
      Philadelphia City Hall
      Please Touch Museum
      Rocky Steps
      One Liberty Observation Deck
      These are really good Philly landmarks that are so much good for exploring. I love this so much and so sure that gonna get fun with all the things like that remains so much cool and nice.

    • Well, you suggested really nice landmarks of the Philly to Quon, like it and sure that he will also like it. Anyhow, the Independence National Historical Park is a new landmark of this place for me. So would you like to share with me some stuff about this park?

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