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    Griffith Observatory

    Let me know guys which things are bets for trying at Griffith Observatory? Let me know how to enjoy a pleasant time while being there. I will be there in next days with my fellows and would like to get a lovely experience. So share some nice kind of suggestions for me about this journey?

    Tell em about best day trips from vegas?


    • Griffith Observatory is oen of the worthseeing places in Los Angeles. It is an awesome place to try. If you ask about the best things to do there then those are hiking and photography. BOth of activities will make your time fully relishing.

    • Sheena, I must say that this will be really a good and most appealing and great thing like this way more and more ahead. My father had been enjoyed this a lot and will say according to him photography should try whenever you are visiting the beauty of this destination.

    • Briella! according to my point of view, all of these things are best to do at Griffith Observatory.
      Enjoy Sunset view
      Enjoy Exhibits
      Enjoy Special Events

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