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    Wedding gift

    In the next month, the wedding anniversary of my teacher brother and I am invited to this ceremony. I want to buy one wonderful gift for the couple which gives happiness to them. So all of you tell me which gift I should buy for them. I will see your replies after me east coast tours for families.


    • Kety14Perry, It is good to know that you are going to attend the wedding Anniversary. If you ask about the gift then I will suggest you to buy a couple rings to present them as it is such a wonderful gift. Let me share a picture here.


    • I am happy you replied to me and suggested a really nice thing in this regard. I really like these couples things and no doubt it is a nice gift for them, but I want to give something unique. So would you like to suggest some more gifts in this regard?

    • Kety14Perry, Couple rings is a good thing to gift on the wedding. If you ask about something else which would be unique then I think you should gift them a personalized lamp. You can gift them lamp with their pictures of special moments of life. It would be something really nice. Let me share a picture of the lamp here to give you an idea.

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