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    Where is this place?

    Where is this place? Hint: Its best for sightseeing and known for its luxurious hotels. Moreover, an exciting view from there is for you.

    I have a plan to make a move ahead for this place after having free time from trip from new york to niagara falls and will love to spend time there.


    • According to my information, this beautiful view was captured from the Greece which is the most beautiful and fantastic country around the world. The superb beaches and other kinds of incredible places make this country more astonishing. It is great you will explore this country in your next days.

    • Kety14Perry, I am going to do agree with you here that it is really a lovely view of the Grece which Emry has shared with us. Greece is a magnificent place for tourists due to its white and blue places. I have been there before my yosemite bus tours and had a finest time there.

    • Yeah, this is captured from the Greece Santorini Island. Its just really a fantastic kind of place to go for an to enjoy nice kind of time around that. This is the most beautiful and the most dramatic place near tome to explore out. It will be really fabulous to you all to have fun around that.

    • Well Its really great to see your replies here guys and must say the most closer answer is of Elrond. its really a beauty Santorini which is a perfect destination for fun seekers and known for its amazing views.

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