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    Guys! I want to see different places in the world so I have decided my next destination is Belgrade and Belgrade is the capital of Serbia. I will go there these days with my brother. Guys! I want to say that I will go there the first time so I have no idea about this city. So tell me which things will be best for me and my brother. I am sure you reply me fast.

    My sister will take bus tours departing from nyc/a>.


    • It is nicer you like to explore various kinds of places around the world and now you have selected Belgrade for your next travel destination, which is a good option. Let me share with you those things here. which are best to do there.
      Kalemegdan Park
      Belgrade Fortress
      Nikola Tesla Museum
      Knez Mihailova Street
      Temple of Saint Sava
      National Museum in Belgrade
      National Museum in Belgrade
      Republic Square

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