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    Chongqing attractions

    edited January 20 in Travel and Vacation

    Dazu Rock Carvings
    Fengdu Ghost City
    Furong Cave
    Three Gorges Museum
    Chongqing Natural History Museum
    Eling Park
    Xiaozhai Tiankeng
    I have selected these attractions in Chongqing. I am going to there first time with my friends. I hope me and my friends will fully enjoy there. By the way, guys you have any idea about its attractions so you tell me and Which things and activities should be enjoy there?

    I will take tours west coast.


    • edited January 21

      I never visit all these places in Chongqing and all these attractions are new for me. I will say good to know that you are going for the trip of these sights and will enjoy a pleasant time while this. Go ahead and have great experience while your trip. Must share your experience after getting back form this journey. Anyways I hope next members will tell you nice views about these sights and will also share some travel tips as well that will prove really helpful for you.

    • Frankly speaking, still, yet I have never heard and taken any kind of Chongqing tour. I heard this city name and its attractions through this thread. I also say that I am happy after getting information about this destination in this way. Because I like to visit a new kind of place and I will explore it.

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