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    Circus Maximus

    Circus Maximus is one of the major historical places in Rome. I am excited to go for the tour of this ancient place and will surely get a lovely experience by being there with my sisters. Let me know guys what to do for making this journey fully enjoyable? Help me through your views that what to do for making the time fully remarkable for me?

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    • Well, I want to say, I have not visited Circus Maximus personally so I have no idea about this place. But I will plan to go there and will see this place personally because I like historic place and I feel good to collect information about historical places. I love photography and I will capture picture during my journey in my camera and phone. By the way, Briella! All the best for this journey.

    • This is so nice to know that you will also plan the trip of the Circus Maximus in the next days and have plan to try diverse things for making this journey fully enjoyable. I am damn sure that both of us will get back with bundle of memories from this journey. SO let's talk after getting back form this journey. Anyways hopefully other members will share quite massive views for both of us.

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