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  • I have visited USA!

    Recently, I have visited USA personally a and will say USA is the home of 50 big States. I have visit Mall of America, King of Prussia Mall, Tyson's Corner Center, Central Park and Golden Gate Bridge there and lots of other popular attraction as well. I like shopping so I like to collect some new clothes, jewelries, shoes and other new things in malls of USA. Being a traveler. I love to enjoy exploring its attraction so much. What are your views about USA?

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    • I have read your views and experiences of travelling in the USA that is really impressive. I also love to spend time in the USA for travelling with my mates and had great experiences as well as you. The above mentioned all the places I have explored and had a great time. You let me know that do you something about the secret and adventurous places of USA. This will be something existing to know for me so what do you say about this.

    • As you have visited already these attractions and according to your point of view I will share some stuff about secret and adventurous places of USA those are: Egil waterfall of USA, Fly Geyser, Nevada, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan, Ontario Place and Notre-Dame of Paris. These attractions will be exciting for you.

    • Arianna! I will admire you for sharing this nice detail for me about the secret and adventurous places of USA. I love to spend time at such kind of places and now have added these names to my cart. These places are new for me and hopefully, this will make my time fully existing in the USA once again. Would you like to share your personal experiences about these places?

    • Well, I admire all the members, because they shared such wonderful stuff about the UA and places here. I also really like the conversation which is running here about USA places. Let me share with you, Central Park and Golden Gate Bridge, Niagara Falls and many other natural places are my favorites, which I love to visit in the USA.

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