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    Acadia National Park

    Acadia National Park is a place where I was though Acadia National Park bus tour package and amazed to see enchanted views of this park. I must say its hiking trails and lovely views let me consider to extend travel time. But unfortunately, have to back.


    • Acadia National Park is such fascinating [place which travelers like to explore always and have a nice time through enjoying birdwatching, hiking and climbing on Cadillac Mountain. Do let share what have you enjoyed?

    • Would you like to talk more about Cadillac Mountain and some adventure things to do on this mountain? I would love to go to its peak point and have fun fully. What are your views in this regard? Must tell me how many walks to reach its peak point?

    • Acadia National Park is really a nice destination for the travelers. It is a good place to visit the Summer season because winters are too cold there. I was there in last month and had a fun time. Now, I am planning to take christmas light tour in nyc in the next month.

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