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    Hello to all

    edited November 2017 in General

    to all from my side. My name is Kety and I am a newbie here. I am really happy after joining this community. I read some member post which is really nice so I am sure through this community I will get a lot of stuff which will prove useful for me. By the way, the member of this community like to say welcome to me?


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      Welcome Kety and must say nice way to say hello to all. Hope to see you here again and again. Anyway, would you love to share from where you are and what you like to talk about? Looking to read your reply here to know more about you.

    • Welcome from my side to you kety, glad you find here and hopeful your stay here would be beneficial for all. However, do let share which kinds of things always fascinate you always?

    • Hello, Kety14Perry, It is cool to know that you are a new member here. My name is Sheena and I am going to welcome you on this community. I am full of hope that you will have a nice time here as you can collect much stuff from here.

    • Kety, I just really love to say you warmly welcome to this great forum. It will be really nice I am sure to stay tuned for this board. surely will get lots of great and informative stuff ahead for sure. Have a great stay here.

    • Hello, Kety14Perry, I am again going to say you welcome here and hope you will have a great time here. By the way, I am a travelling lover as I am going to try out the newyork to niagara tour to have fun. What's about your hobbies?

    • Now would love and willing to see some of the great replies from Kety. I am sure that she will like to make here response and will like to let us know about your best hobbies and interets hee for sure. Hop that she will make reply here soon.

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